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One question people often ask is, "How many people do you have working for you?"  This is hard to answer.  It depends on the week and, technically, I don't have any employees.  But, there are 5 independent contractors and 4 laborers that we manage and put where needed.  I like to tell people that we have a co-op of contractors.

On a similar note, Chris Wenger of C&E Carpentry and myself have made a more formal agreement about the way in which we manage the daily operations of our businesses.  It was becoming very stressful and time-consuming to handle all the aspects of what it takes to keep our businesses productive; managing projects, meeting clients, previewing projects, meeting sub-contractors, estimating projects, managing laborers, and doing the actual work. Currently, Chris is doing most of the initial client meetings and estimating for his clients and mine. I am managing projects or overseeing the direct completion of projects. Chris does this as well when his schedule permits. By operating in this fashion, I feel we have been able to meet our customers' needs in a more timely manner without sacrificing quality or having to put in extra long days.  With this in mind, when you call Solid Rock Home Services to complete a project, depending on the scope of the work involved, I may have little to do with the completion of the project or may have a great deal to offer towards its completion.​ We continue to try and offer our separate company's clients the opportunity to be served by the business that they initially contacted. 

The other question is "What have you been working on this week, or lately?" I usually respond with a "This and that", or "Everything."  So, to give you an idea of what I've been up to lately, here is a usual week for us at Solid Rock Home Services.

Monday - Started the framing of a storage shed for a local downtown church.  This consisted of each stud being individually measured so that the 4 walls would all slope to one corner.
Tuesday - Hand-framed the shed roof, again measuring each individual rafter to create the sloping roof. 
Wednesday - Finished the shed framing by installing the door, prepared the structure for siding by installing trim, and finished some roof details.
Thursday - Worked on one of our extended projects, adding office space to a commercial property, by painting, installing trim and door. 
Friday - Fixed a stove vent. Finished the office space by completing the drop ceiling, touch-up painting, door hardware, and cleaning up.  Once finished there we picked up 2 storm doors and installed those in the late afternoon.
Saturday (which we usually don't work)- We replaced an old, drafty exterior french door with a new maintenance free french door.  We also repaired a garbage disposal and replaced two light fixtures.

​ So, if you throw in a few other minor repairs or swap out the larger projects with a kitchen or bath remodel, this is what a typical week may look like.
Updated Dec. 2015